Whether you are a frequent traveller or enjoy the one-off holiday trip, we can offer Annual multi-trip and Single trip travel insurances, each offering various levels of cover to choose from. We make sure that you travel with peace of mind knowing that should anything go wrong, you have the best level of protection whether you are travelling for business, pleasure or otherwise.

We do understand that you will have many concerns on your mind both before and during your trip and therefore we ensure that your travel policy provides a combination of material, medical and liability covers.

Being miles away from your home country, you will certainly want to put your mind at rest that if a health issue arises you will have the necessary information as to whom to contact at your fingertips. Our travel insurance policies provide you with a 24/7 worldwide emergency assistance service in case you contract serious illness or are involved in an accident which may lead to in-patient hospital treatment or repatriation.

The policy also provides emergency medical treatment and personal accident benefits whilst you are abroad.

Furthermore, the policy will pay for the loss or damage to your personal belongings if during your travel these are accidentally damaged, lost or stolen.

If you are compelled to cancel or abandon your trip because of an unavoidable reason (as defined), the policy will make good for any unrecoverable expenses incurred as a result.

If you are legally liable of an accident during your trip, the travel policy will cover you against your legal liability for damages, claimant’s costs and expenses.