About the product

The Island Insurance Brokers – Horse Insurance covers the legal liability of the horse owner towards third parties whilst riding and handling their horse/s for recreational purposes only anywhere in the Maltese Islands. Members may choose from a Limit of Indemnity of €125,000 or €250,000.

The horse owner may also opt to include the following extensions in their cover:

Covers Legal Expenses incurred by the insured as a result of your judicial or arbitral intervention or the provision of legal aid services needed resulting from the ownership and/or use of the insured horse.

Covers Named Riders and Handlers for Death and Permanent Total / Partial Disablement whilst riding and/or handling the insured horse within the Maltese Islands Only.

Covers Insured's legal liability as owner and/or occupier arising from the use of own and/or leased and/or rented stable/s and/or premise/s

The policy is underwritten by Mapfre Middlesea plc and Argus Insurance Company (Europe) Limited represented by Argus Insurance Agencies Limited.

Transport Malta has published Guidelines in relation to the Use of Animals and Animal-drawn Vehicles on the Road Regulations (LS 499.66). [Continue reading]