Few Budget 2021 Measures in relation to Motor Vehicles

With effect from 1st January 2021, the following measures will come into effect:

1. Vehicles used during weekends and on Public Holidays

All motor vehicles already registered with Transport Malta can pay a reduced annual road licence equating to 35% of the normal fee in return for using the vehicle solely during weekends and on Public Holidays. This means that vehicles falling in this category would have to be kept inside a garage between Monday and Friday till 1800 hours.

This will also entail a change in colour to the registration plates – from black to red.

2. Motorcycles

The annual road licence fee for motorcycles equipped with an engine between 125cc and 250cc will reduce to €25.

3. Vehicles registered as Vintage

If at the time of renewing the road licence for a vintage-registered vehicle it transpires that it had clocked 3000 km or more in one year from the last renewal of the road licence or an average of more than 3000 km in a two-year period, the vehicle owner will be liable to pay the full road licence fee (in addition to the administrative fee of €8) for the past year or years.

Transport Malta will issue an official Press Release in the first week of January 2021.